DIY 200W Led Grow Light , 8 band full spectrum led grow chip , easy assemble , most high efficiency led grow light

DIY 200W Led Grow Light , 8 band full spectrum led grow chip , easy assemble , most high efficiency led grow light
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Our led grow light can be used to enhance the growth of different plants (medical plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers ). Widely used in hydroponic, Grow tent, greenhouse, indoor garden, horticulture, aeroponics, tissue culture. It is suitable for all plants growth.


  • For growing fruits and vegetables:
  • promote plant photosynthesis, shorten the growth period, listing 20 days in advance, to increase production by 20% -79%, to promote flowering, improving fruit set, insect resistance, reducing deformed fruit, improve taste quality of fruit.
  • For flower Cultivation:
  • Short the period of flowering, bright color, reduce the proportion of malformed flowers, increasing plant height, diameter and weight, improve the quality of your flowers.
  • For tobacco seedlings:
  • seedlings formed within 30 days, and the quality is better than seedlings under the sun, which need 75 seedlings under natural sunlight.
  • For medical plants seeding and growth: 
  • make leaves thick dark green, get thick and long roots, stems and leaves will thick and full, effective control of excessive growth.



                    Double Chips 10W LEDs which is much brighter and efficient than 3W and 5W LEDs !!!


Base type: Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Power: 1000W
Cover Area: about 2.8 x 3.5 Square Feet ( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments )
Weight: 3.5kg
Material: Alumimium
LED Quantity: 100leds
Actual Power Consumption: About 240-270 Power, much better than the same products in the marketplace
LED Color: 71Red + 14Blue + 5White + 8Yellow + 1Infrared + 1Ultraviolet
Light Spectrum: Red: 660nm; Blue: 440nm; UV: 380-440nm; IR: 730nm; White: 6500K; Warm White:3500K; Orange: 580nm
Lifespan: > 50000hours
Voltage: AC85~ 265V (All countries can use the grow light)
Warranty: 3 years
1) Deep penetration : Good lighting penetration , can penetrate to the deep of the plants
2) Modular Internal Build: Fully upgradable, easy warranties
3) Thermal Management: Custom copper core heatsinks quickly dissipates heat for cool operating temperatures
4) Powerful: 2nd Generation ultra penetration double chips 5W LEDs light deep into the canopy
5) Versatile: Power cord available in 110v, 220v and international plugs
6) Lighter weight: Much lighter than the same products in the marketplace, safer for hanging .
7) Plants: Suitable for both vegetative phrase and flowering phrase
Use Tips
1. Suitable for hydroponics, horticulture, green house
2. Suitale for plants growing, flowering and fruiting
3. Lighting Time setup: Vegetative Stage: 12-14 hours on; Flowering Stage: 9-12 hours on. Fruiting Stage: 7- 8 hours on
4. Suggest distance above plants: 1.5-2.5m
5. Our Lights Can be used in house garden, pot culture, garden, sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, bonsai, garden, green house, sowing,breeding, farm, greenhouse cultivation, water soluble breeding, greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation and so on.


Package List
1 pc 1000W LED Grow light
1 set hanging wire
1 Power cord
Please choose the plug you need :

1 (2)







001 (5)

HTB1wjElKpXXXXaqaXXXq6xXFXXX5 (1)001 (4)001 (6)001 (3)001 (2)001 (1)001 (7)

1000W double chips1 (1)

Different wavelength effect for plants

(The best color ratio is more suitable for the vegetative stage and blooming stage of any plant. The effect of different wave length on the different growing stage of plant)
315~400nm (UV):       Absorb less chlorophyll, prevent stem growth.  Stimulate plant growth, promoting protein, sugar, synthetic acids. Short UV prevent excessive growth of plants, disinfection sterilization, reduce disease
720~1000nm (IR): Less absorption, effect flowering and seed. Far infrared thermal effects, the supply of crop growth and development of energy, ripe fruit can converge.
>1000nm: Change to heat.






Widely used in Grow tent, hydroponic, greenhouse, indoor garden, horticulture, aeroponics, tissue culture. It is suitable for all plants growth.


Growing works from customers


Questions &Answer
1.Why is red light important for plants?Why is blue light important for plants?
Red light is very important to plant reproduction. Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red portions of the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation,  dormancy, flowering and fruit production Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong stems and compact vegetative growth.

2.Can the lights be used under growth and flowering stage?
Yes! We have spent years perfecting our lights, You no longer need two lights to veg and flower your plants, Not only does this make your grow light setup more flexible but our research and other research show that the light is useful for all plants and growth and flowering stage.
Using our lights with full spectrum during a vegetatative cycle will result in healthier plants than those grown under a Metal Hailde. Using our lights during the flower cycle will provide your plants helping you attain maximum yields and improved quality. If you have been looking for light to do it, our led grow light can do that you.

3.What kind of plant you can grow with our LED Grow Lights?
All kinds of flower plants: Special indoor plants,tomatoes,chillis,eggplant.rose etc.
All kinds of greens: herbs and leafy vegetables,lettuces,bok choy,etc.
Also suitable for indoor garden or indoor potted landscape (Most of our customers grow Indoor plants,tomatoes or lettuces etc,they got amazing harvest with our LED Grow Lights)

4.Why do we use Epistar Chipset for our lights?
We use the best LEDs available that allow us to have good quality led grow lights.The manufacturer that makes enough different nanometer(nm)LEDs in all of the wavelenths necessary to provide a full spectrum is Epistar and Optotech.Many researches shows that Epistar and Optotech chipset are good for led grow lights.Right choice if you choose to buy our lights



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